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Berkeley Lab Experts
From accelerators to energy to supercomputers,
Berkeley Lab has a science expert for you.


Featured Experts

Frances A. Houle

physical chemist

In 2013, Frances was named Director of the Joint Center for Artifical Photosynthesis-North. As a physical chemist with broad expertise in gas and condensed phase reactions, Francis focuses on development of new research programs.

I-Yang Lee

nuclear physicist

I-Yang Lee, head of the GRETINA project in the Nuclear Science Division, studies atomic nuclei under unusual conditions and nuclei which are unusual in their own right. He has led teams of his Berkeley Lab colleagues, with coworkers in other institutions, in designing and building some of the world's best gamma-ray detectors for nuclear science.

Tanja Woyke

molecular biologist

Tanja Woyke is the Program Head for Microbial Genomics at the JGI, leading efforts in the exploration of bacterial and archaeal diversity by high throughput genome and transcriptome sequencing and analysis.  Initially, her research was focused on the symbiont community of a gutless oligochaete for which she deciphered function and host-symbiont interplay using metagenomics.  She currently studies single cell genomics.