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Berkeley Lab Experts
From accelerators to energy to supercomputers,
Berkeley Lab has a science expert for you.


Featured Experts

Gary Karpen


Gary is a senior scientist researching chromosome structure and function, with a special emphasis on how epigenetic mechanisms and genome dynamics impact chromosome inheritance, nuclear architecture, and genome stability.  He also serves as the Director of the Life Sciences Division.

Greg Aldering


Greg Aldering was a noted asteroid hunter while still an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but by the time he joined Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division in 1995 his interest had turned to cosmology. He has been a member of the Supernova Cosmology Project since 1995, well before its surprising discovery of dark energy, and he has led the Nearby Supernova Factory since its founding in 2001. He has discovered and classified many hundreds of supernovae.

Priscilla Cooper


Priscilla Cooper is a leading expert in DNA repair. Her research addresses molecular mechanisms of the DNA damage response processes that are essential for maintaining genomic integrity and stability in human cells. A major focus of her work is on molecular and cellular studies of human genetic disorders involving defects in DNA repair, which also result in cancer predisposition, premature aging and/or severe developmental, neurological and immunological abnormalities.