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Berkeley Lab Experts
From accelerators to energy to supercomputers,
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Featured Experts

Nikos Kyrpides

molecular biologist

Nikos Kyrpides leads the Genome Biology Program at the Lab's Joint Genome Institute, where he analyzes microbial genomes and develops new methods and approaches for comparative analysis, including large-scale function prediction and the design of cellular and metabolic pathway collections.

Kenneth Downing


Kenneth has been with LBNL since 1977 and is also a  faculty member in the UCB Graduate Group in Comparative Biochemistry. His research is directed toward understanding the processes that drive and regulate various subcellular processes, principally, those that relate to microtubules.

Mark Conrad


As head of the Geochemistry department, Mark Conrad focuses his research on using stable isotope measurements of groundwater and soil gas to identify areas of microbial activity, especially pertaining to bioremediation.