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Berkeley Lab Experts
From accelerators to energy to supercomputers,
Berkeley Lab has a science expert for you.


Featured Experts

John Corlett

accelerator physicist

John Corlett, who is head of Accelerator Systems for Future Light Sources in Berkeley Lab’s Accelerator and Fusion Research Division, is at the forefront of developing new concepts and new technologies for accelerators and light sources, including the coherent x-ray sources known as free electron lasers (FELs). 

Curt Oldenburg


For the last ten years, Curt Oldenburg has worked in two main areas of geologic carbon sequestration: CO2 injection for enhanced gas recovery, and near-surface leakage and seepage processes, monitoring, detection, and impacts including risk-based frameworks for site selection and certification.

Jayant Sathaye

international energy analysis

Jayant Sathaye is internationally recognized for his work on climate change project-related issues in transportation, land-use change and forestry, and energy demand and supply in the developing world. His current focus is on policy development and problem solving for India's application of demand side management as a strategy for improving energy delivery and for climate mitigation.