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Berkeley Lab Experts
From accelerators to energy to supercomputers,
Berkeley Lab has a science expert for you.


Featured Experts

Mina Bissell

breast cancer researcher / geneticist

Dr. Bissell is a pioneer in the area of the role of extracellular matrix (ECM) and microenvironment in regulation of tissue-specific function with special emphasis in breast cancer, where she has changed some established paradigms.  The concepts she has developed are fundamental to normal tissue morphogenesis and cancer, and the impact of her work is profound.

Thomas McKone

environmental health scientist

McKone is an expert on health-risk assessments associated with exposure to environmental contaminants such as pesticides and radioactive material. He is also an expert in modeling the transport of chemicals across vast distances, and determining how this transport affects human health.

Daniel Rokhsar

molecular biologist

Daniel Rokhsar is Head of the Plant Genomics Program at JGI and Professor of Molecular Cell Biology and Physics at the University of California at Berkeley. He is a former NSF Presidential Young Investigator, Sloan Foundation Fellow, Miller Research Professor, and Guggenheim Foundation Fellow. His interests are in computational, comparative, and functional analysis of eukaryotic genomes.