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Carbon capture & storage

Ernie Majer


Ernie Majer's research focuses on utilizing geophysical methods for recovery of conventional and alternative energy sources, environmental cleanup, nuclear waste disposal and CO2 sequestration.

Curt Oldenburg


For the last ten years, Curt Oldenburg has worked in two main areas of geologic carbon sequestration: CO2 injection for enhanced gas recovery, and near-surface leakage and seepage processes, monitoring, detection, and impacts including risk-based frameworks for site selection and certification.

Berend Smit

chemical engineer

As a Lab Scientist and a professor of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at UC Berkeley, Berend's research interests include molecular simulations, multi-scale modeling, catalysts, soft-condensed matter, biological membranes, and clays.

Margaret S. Torn

ecologist and biogeochemist

Margaret Torn studies climate change impacts on ecosystems and the services they provide to society.  Her work focuses on the influence of the land surface on climate, including the potential for ecosystem-climate feedbacks to contribute to abrupt climate change.