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Igor Grigoriev

molecular biologist

Igor Grigoriev is the Head of Fungal Genomics Program, leading the effort to explore fungal phylogenetic and ecological diversity by scaled-up genome sequencing and analysis.  He also leads the Eukaryotic Genomics Group and is passionate about connecting information encoded in genomes with the organisms’ lifestyle, interaction with other organisms and environment through exploration of eukaryotic diversity and evolution.

Ming C. Hammond


Ming's research group employs organic synthesis, biochemistry, genetics, and bioinformatics to study small molecule-RNA and protein-RNA interactions that are involved in gene regulation in bacteria and plants.

Nikos Kyrpides

molecular biologist

Nikos Kyrpides leads the Genome Biology Program at the Lab's Joint Genome Institute, where he analyzes microbial genomes and develops new methods and approaches for comparative analysis, including large-scale function prediction and the design of cellular and metabolic pathway collections.

Daniel Rokhsar

molecular biologist

Daniel Rokhsar is Head of the Plant Genomics Program at JGI and Professor of Molecular Cell Biology and Physics at the University of California at Berkeley. He is a former NSF Presidential Young Investigator, Sloan Foundation Fellow, Miller Research Professor, and Guggenheim Foundation Fellow. His interests are in computational, comparative, and functional analysis of eukaryotic genomes.


Tanja Woyke

molecular biologist

Tanja Woyke is the Program Head for Microbial Genomics at the JGI, leading efforts in the exploration of bacterial and archaeal diversity by high throughput genome and transcriptome sequencing and analysis.  Initially, her research was focused on the symbiont community of a gutless oligochaete for which she deciphered function and host-symbiont interplay using metagenomics.  She currently studies single cell genomics.