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Alan Meier

energy efficiency expert: Energy Technologies Area

Media contact: Julie Chao,, (510) 486-6491


Alan Meier studies how people and equipment use energy and opportunities to reduce energy consumption. He focuses on buildings, equipment and, more recently, transportation, approaching the topic from many directions, including:

  • Energy test procedures for appliances (including thermostats, cars and trucks)

  • Field measurements of energy use

  • Technical potentials for energy savings

  • Economics and behavior related to energy consumption

He is best known for discovering standby power use.

Recent Publications


  • Meier, A. (2005), “Standby: Where are we now?”, Proceedings of the 2005 ECEEE Summer Study, European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, Paris. 

  • Olofsson, T ., A. Meier and R. Lamberts (2004), ”Rating the Energy Performance of a
    Building”, The International Journal of Low Energy and Sustainable Buildings, Vol. 3.

  • International Energy Agency (2005),   Saving Electricity in a Hurry, International Energy
    Agency, Paris.


University of California, Berkeley, Ph.D., Energy and Resources, 1982

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