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Eric Linder

astrophysicist: Physics Division

Media contact: Paul Preuss, (510) 486-6249,


Eric Linder is Co-Director of the Institute for Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics at Berkeley Lab and director of the Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics, a joint effort between the Lab and UC Berkeley. Linder is also head of the Theory Group of the Supernova/Acceleration Project (SNAP), a next generation satellite exploring dark energy and the accelerating universe, as well as providing a deep, wide, and colorful survey for astrophysics. His research focuses on:

  • Dark Energy and the Accelerating Universe - everything from theory to phenomenology and data analysis to observational probes and simulations
  • Gravitational Physics - tests of general relativity, gravitational waves, gravitational lensing, extensions beyond Einstein
  • Particle Physics - field theory motivations for dynamical scalar fields, Dirac-Born-Infeld models, neutrinos
  • Cosmic Microwave Background - CMB lensing, probes of fundamental physics, POLARBEAR experiment
  • Inflation - constraints/degeneracies on primordial perturbation spectrum, inflationary gravitational wave background

In addition, Eric has taken an active role in educating the community, leading teacher training from high school to college and professional crossdisciplinary levels, as well as speaking numerous events for the public. He has lectured through the national QuarkNet program, the Contemporary Physics Education Project, and as a Shapley Lecturer of the American Astronomical Society to underserved institutions. Wallcharts and websites that Eric created are used in more than 20,000 classrooms.

Recent Publications

Awards and Memberships

  • World Class University distinguished professorship, Seoul, Korea;  
  • Shapley Lecturer, American Astronomical Society;  
  • Mitchell Lecturer, Texas A&M University
  • Shapley Lecturer, American Astronomical Society
  • Warner-Pierce Prize committee member, American Astronomical Society
  • Program Reviewer, US National Science Foundation and US Department of Energy; Contemporary Physics Education Project

In the News


PhD 1987 Stanford University


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