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Joseph Eto

electricity policy and markets expert: Energy Technologies Area

Media contact: Julie Chao,, (510) 486-6491

Allan Chen,, (510) 486-4210


Joseph H. Eto is a staff scientist in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His principal responsibility is management of the Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions, which is coordinating multi-institution, public-interest research to maintain and enhance the reliability of power systems during the transition to restructured electricity markets.

In 2005, Eto supported the U.S. Department of Energy's preparation of the National Electric Transmission Congestion Study. In 2003, he was appointed by the Secretary of Energy to serve on the Electricity System Working Group of the U.S.-Canada Power Outage Task Force, which investigated the Aug. 14 blackout. In 2001, he coordinated the preparation of DOE's National Transmission Grid Study.

Eto has authored over 150 publications on electricity policy, electricity reliability, transmission planning, cost-allocation, demand response, distributed energy resources, utility integrated resource planning, demand-side management, and building energy-efficiency technologies and markets.

In the News

"Berkeley Lab Study Estimates $80 Billion Annual Cost of Power Interruptions," Berkeley Lab News Center, Feb. 2, 2005


Eto holds an A.B. in philosophy and an M.S. in energy and resources, both from the University of California, Berkeley. He is also a registered professional Mechanical Engineer in the State of California.

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