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Stephen E. Derenzo

physicist: Biosciences

Media contact: Dan Krotz, 510-486-4019,


Derenzo is an expert in scintillator materials, which are very sensitive detectors of nuclear radiation. They produce a flash of light every time a nuclear particle interacts. The flashes of light can be detected with high-speed photodetectors and the information used to identify the radio-isotopes producing the radiation and how strong they are.

Recent research

He currently heads a Homeland Security-funded project that has discovered several new high-performance scintillation materials and hosts the open-access database of scintillation properties.

Recent Publications

Author or co-author of five U.S. patents to improve instrumentation for nuclear medical imaging

Practical Interfacing in the Laboratory: Using a PC for Instrumentation, Data Analysis, and Control(2003, Cambridge University Press)

Interfacing: A Laboratory Approach Using the Microcomputer for Instrumentation, Data Analysis, and Control (1990, Prentice-Hall) 

J. S. Huber, W. S. Choong, W. W. Moses, J. Qi, J. Hu, G. C. Wang, D. Wilson, S. Oh, R. H. Huesman, S. E. Derenzo, and T. F. Budinger, "Initial results of a positron tomograph for prostate imaging, " IEEE Trans. Nuclear Science, vol. 53, no. 5, pp. 2653-2659, Oct. 2006.

S. E. Derenzo, E. Bourret-Courchesne, M. J. Weber, and M. K. Klintenberg, "Codoped direct-gap semiconductor scintillators, " U.S. Patent 7, 048, 872. May 2006.

Awards and Memberships

Radiation Instrumentation Outstanding Achievement Award,  IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society,  2001

IEEE Fellow, 2000

Merit Award,  IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, 1992

LBNL Technology Transfer Excellence Award for PET Instrumentation, 1989

American Nuclear Society Award for Distinguished Achievement by a Team in Nuclear Technology for Medical Diagnostics, 1984

NASA Technical Brief Award, 1973


B.S., M.S., and Ph.D., Physics, University of Chicago

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