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Igor Grigoriev

molecular biologist: Joint Genome Institute

Media contact: David Gilbert, 925-296-5643,


Igor Grigoriev is the Head of Fungal Genomics Program, leading the effort to explore fungal phylogenetic and ecological diversity by scaled-up genome sequencing and analysis.  He also leads the Eukaryotic Genomics Group and is passionate about connecting information encoded in genomes with the organisms lifestyle, interaction with other organisms and environment through exploration of eukaryotic diversity and evolution.

After his work in pharmaceutical industry (Sugen/Pharmacia/Pfizer), he joined JGI in September of 2003, and focused his research on annotation and analysis of diverse eukaryotic genomes. Igor has led the annotation and analysis of over 70 eukaryotic genomes including plants and animals, fungi and algae and has engaged over 1500 scientists worldwide into active genome analysis, resulting in over 30 manuscripts, half of them published in Science and Nature journals.


Post-Doctoral Training, Computational Structural Genomics, U.C.Berkeley

PhD, Molecular Biology, State Scientific Research Institute NIIGenetika, Moscow, Russia

BS, Biophysics, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow, Russia


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