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John Corlett

accelerator physicist: Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics

Glenn Roberts, 510-486-5582,


John Corlett is the Free Electron Lasers lead in Berkeley Lab’s Accelerator Technology and Applied Physics Division, at the forefront of developing new concepts and new technologies for high-energy particle accelerators and for synchrotron and accelerator-based light sources. One of Corlett’s special interests is designing next-generation, coherent x-ray sources of the kind known as free electron lasers (FELs).

Corlett joined Berkeley Lab in 1991 after five years at the Daresbury Laboratory’s Synchrotron Radiation Source in England. He has played key roles in projects for Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source, the PEP-II B-factory at SLAC, cooling ring designs for the proposed International Linear Collider, muon cooling designs for a proposed muon collider, and designs for a next generation light source. His research includes FELs, accelerator modules, high-brightness electron beams, feedback and collective effects, and optical systems for diagnostics, control, and synchronization of accelerator systems and components.

Recent research

“Free electron lasers: present status and future challenges,” Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, June 2010

“Design Studies for a VUV soft x-ray free-electron laser,” Synchrotron Radiation News, vol 22, issue 5, 2009

“Science and technology of future light sources, a white paper,” LBNL 1090E, December 2009

“Design of a VHF-band RF photoinjector with megahertz beam repetition rate,” Proceedings of the 22nd Particle Accelerator Conference, 2007

“FERMI@Elettra, a seeded harmonic cascade FEL for EUV and soft x-rays,” Proceedings of the 27th International FEL Conference, 2005

Awards and Memberships

Review committee, Accelerators and Electrodynamics Capability, from 2010

Editorial board, Physical Review Special Topics, Accelerators and Beams, from 2010

Science advisory committee, Argonne National Laboratory Advanced Photon Source, from 2010

Visiting committee, Fermilab Research Alliance, from 2009

Project X Collaboration Council, from 2009

SuprB Machine Advisory Committee, from 2008

Americas regional team, International Linear Collider, from 2008

International collaboration board, KEK Accelerator Test Facility, from 2004

In the News

“Accelerators and light sources of tomorrow,” Nanowerk News, December 2009


University of Liverpool, physics, B.Sc. 1983


John Corlett defines “free electron laser” on Berkeley Lab’s Video Glossary.

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