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Burton M. (Mack) Kennedy

geochemist: Earth and Environmental Sciences

Media contact: Dan Krotz, 510-486-4019,


As the Group Leader for the Center for Isotope Geochemistry and the Program Lead for Geothermal Energy Development, Mack Kennedy applies isotope techniques to further our understanding of the origin, history, and current processes acting on the earth and solar system.  

Specifically, noble gas isotope geochemistry as applied to sources, geochemical evolution, transport processes, and flow rates of fluids in the crust, cosmogenic and radiometric dating techniques, tectano-magmatic processes, and paleoclimatology.  Research areas of application include geothermal energy, fossil energy, and basic energy sciences.

Recent Publications

  • Brown S.T., Kennedy B.M., DePaolo D.J. and Evans W.C. (2008) Isotopic constraints on the chemical evolution of geothermal fluids, Long Valley, CA. Trans. Geothermal Res. Council, 32, 269-272. (extended abstract). LBNL-2411E.
  • Dressel P.E., Olsen K.B., Hayes J.C., McIntyre J.I., Waichler S.R., Milbrath B.D, Cooper M., and Kennedy B.M. (2008), Environmental application of stable xenon and radioxenon monitoring. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, v276, No.3, 763-769. LBNL# 61563.
  • Kennedy, B.M. and van Soest, M.C. (2007), Flow of mantle fluids through the ductile lower crust: helium isotope trends. Science 318, 1433-1436. LBNL# 63575.
  • Christenson, B.W., Kennedy, B.M., Adams, M.C., Bjornstad, S.C., and Buck, C. (2007), Chemical and isotopic characteristics of the Coso East Flank hydrothermal fluids: implications for the location and nature of the heat source. Proceedings, 32nd Workshop on Geothermal Reservoir Engineering, Stanford Geothermal Program ReportSGP-TR-183. LBNL# 62359. 


Awards and Memberships

  • Outstanding Performance Award, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Ph.D., Earth and Planetary Sciences and McDonnell Center for Space Sciences, Washington University

B.A., Earth and Planetary Sciences, Washington University

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