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Ann Almgren

Senior Scientist: Computational Research Division

Media contact: Jon Bashor, +1 510 486 5849,



Ann Almgren is acting group leader for the Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering and a senior scientist in the Computational Research Division at Berkeley Lab. As an applied mathematician, her areas of expertise include asymptotic analysis, numerical analysis, fluid dynamics, adaptive mesh refinement and high-performance computing for multiscale, multiphysics simulations.

Her current research interests include the design and implementation of numerical algorithms for solving partial differential equations in a variety of applications areas; core development of BoxLib, a software framework for massively parallel adaptive mesh refinement applications; low mach number models for incompressible and stratified flows; and design and implementation of MAESTRO, CASTRO and Nyx codes.

Recent Publications

Selected publications:

[1] Weiqun Zhang, Ann Almgren, Marcus Day, Tan Nguyen, John Shalf, Didem Unat, “BoxLib with Tiling: An AMR Software Framework”, SIAM J. Sci. Comput., to appear, 2016.
[2] A.S. Almgren, A.J. Aspden, J.B. Bell, M.L. Minion, “On the Use of Higher Order Projection Methods for Incompressible Turbulent Flow, ” SIAM J. Sci. Comput., 35, 1, 2013.
[3] A.S. Almgren, J.B. Bell, M.J. Lijewski, Z. Lukic, E. Van Andel, “Nyx: A Massively Parallel AMR Code for Computational Cosmology, ” Astrophysical Journal, 762, 2013.
[4] A.S. Almgren, V.E. Beckner, J.B. Bell, M.S. Day, L.H. Howell, C.C. Joggerst, M.J. Lijewski, A. Nonaka, M. Singer, M. Zingle, “CASTRO: A New Compressible Astrophysical Solver: I. Hydrodynamics and Self-Gravity, ” Astrophysical Journal, 715, 2010.
[5] A.S. Almgren, J.B. Bell, C.A. Rendleman, M. Zingale, “Low Mach Number Modeling of Type Ia Supernovae: I. Hydrodynamics, ” Astrophysical Journal, 637, 2006.

Awards and Memberships

Class of 2015 SIAM Fellow, invited plenary speaker at SC12, APS DFD 2012, SIAM PP16


Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, UC Berkeley

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