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Berkeley Lab Experts
From accelerators to energy to supercomputers,
Berkeley Lab has a science expert for you.


Featured Experts

Ting Xu

polymer chemist

Ting Xu is a fast-rising leader in the burgeoning field of self-assembling nanomaterials. For nanomaterials to have a signficant commercial impact, they must self-assemble in the same manner proteins self-assemble to make cells.

Sean Peisert

Computer Scientist

Dr. Sean Peisert is jointly appointed as a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; chief cybersecurity strategist at CENIC, and director of the CENI/ESnet joint cybersecurity initiative; and associate adjunct professor and faculty member in the Graduate Groups in Computer Science, Forensic Science, and Health Informatics at the University of California. His research interests cover a broad cross-section of computer and network security. 

Alan Meier

energy efficiency expert

Alan Meier studies how people and equipment use energy and opportunities to reduce energy consumption. He focuses on buildings, equipment and, more recently, transportation. He is best known for discovering standby power, or "vampire power."