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Bill Moses

physicist: Biosciences

Media contact: Paul Preuss, 510-486-6249, [email protected]


Bill focuses on the development of instrumentation for Radiation Detection and Imaging, primarily for Nuclear Medical Imaging (especially positron emission tomography or PET). This includes development of: new dense inorganic scintillators for gamma ray detection, novel photodetectors for measuring scintillation light, custom integrated circuits and electronics for reading out radiation sensors, new detector designs and camera geometries, and tomographic reconstruction algorithms for these and other novel designs.

Recent Publications

  • Over 180 peer-reviewed publications, over 80 invited presentations

Awards and Memberships

  • Richard F. Shea Distinguished Member Award, IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society (NPSS), 2011
  • President, IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society, 2004-2006
  • IEEE Fellow, 2005


Ph.D, Physics, University of California, Berkeley

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